A11 autoroute

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The Autoroute A 11 (L' Océane ) is a highway in France. At around 350 kilometers, it connects Ponthévrard with Nantes. It has been completely released in 2008 for traffic.


The 14 km long bypass of Angers with a 530 m long bridge over the valley of the Maine was on 24 April 2008 passed its destination and thus completed four months earlier than planned, but almost 30 years later than the rest of the way. The last vacant lot of the A 11 is thus closed.


The A11.1 is a lateral branch of the A 11, which for the D326 (formerly N 226 ) which connect to the rocade du Mans (D 323 Ex -N 23R ) manufactures, runs from junction 9. It is 3 km long and was commissioned in 1991.