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The French Autoroute A40 is a mountain highway that connects east and west of Mont Blanc via Geneva and Bellegarde with Macon and connects there to the A6. The first part of today's A40 was opened in 1973, since 1990 the total, about 208 kilometer route is one continuous section.

The highway is divided operationally into two pieces, which are managed by two different operators. The Autoroute Blanche is operated by the company Autoroutes et Tunnel du Mont Blanc ( ATMB ) and includes the sections Geneva - Chamonix ( on Mont Blanc ) and Geneva - Châtillon -en -Michaille ( in Bellegarde). The Autoroute des Titans is operated by the company Autoroutes Paris -Rhin -Rhône ( APRR ) and includes the route Mâcon - Bellegarde. On both sections tolls are levied.

Functional also include the A40 in the ATMB the Autobahnast the A411 ( Etrembières - Genève- Vallard ), the national road 205 between Le Fayet and Mont- Blanc tunnel, and the Mont -Blanc tunnel itself in the field of APRR the Autobahnast A404 is one of them.

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Route Chamonix - Bellegarde ( Autoroute Blanche )

The Route Blanche is the leading route to Mont Blanc in the Haute-Savoie, the term was the end of the 1960s, when planning the Geneva motorway - over Chamonix, in the slightly modified form as Autoroute Blanche.

The decision to build the Autoroute Blanche fell in 1968, construction began in 1971 at Bonneville. From 1973 to sections were opened from the Swiss border from, towards Mont -Blanc each year. The fourth section in 1976 Autoroute Blanche between Geneva and Chamonix was completed in its present form.

The highway was coordinated with the canton and city of Geneva, which hold together the remaining approximately 5.4% of ATMB. With the opening of the first section 1973, the Route Blanche was simultaneously on the Swiss side opened, a cantonal highway that begins as an extension of the Geneva failure axis H111 in Chêne -Bourg and after a few hundred meters in Thônex reached the common customs platform of highway duty Thônex - Vallard, where it merges fluently into the Autoroute Blanche.

Opened as B40 Autoroute Blanche reached 1976 Le Fayet, where it ends and since then merges smoothly into the RN205, which continues to Chamonix and to the west entrance of the Mont Blanc Tunnel.

As part of its concession, the ATMB in a second phase completed the 50-kilometer section of Annemasse, south of the Canton of Geneva and heads towards Bellegarde. With its opening in 1982 of the two -kilometer section between the Swiss border and the new motorway junction at Étrembières received the new number A411. The new, western end of the motorway at Châtillon was temporarily linked to the Route nationale 84, where today the concession limit is and the operating company changes - the continuation of the A40 west towards Lyon is managed by the APRR.

Connections to Switzerland and Annecy

The A40 is connected at two points directly to the Swiss road network. At the motorway junction Etrembières numbered as the A411 road passes into the ( non-toll ) Geneva route Malagnou. At junction Saint -Julien south of Geneva a two- kilometer stretch of the A41 motorway leading to Bardonnex customs, where the A41 merges smoothly into the toll Swiss highway A1. This section was opened in 1991, so that as of 1993, the western bypass of Geneva was complete. The 12 km long section of the A40 between Etrembières and Saint -Julien takes, fulfill a function as the eastern beltway around Geneva and is toll-free. A connection to Annecy and Chambery and Grenoble is both on the A410, which branches off to the east of Mont Salève towards Annecy, as well as via the A41, which creates the Cross Saint -Julien from a direct link between Geneva and Annecy. The section of the A41 between Allonzier and Saint -Julien was not completed until 2008, before this period was for 17 years the motorway junction Saint -Julien expanded on only one side and the official street layout between Geneva and Annecy led about today's A410 between Scientrier and Allonzier what a detour meant.

Route Bellegarde - Mâcon ( Autoroute des Titans )

The continuation of the A40 in the direction of Lyon respectively Mâcon was opened from 1985 in four sections, which are managed by the APRR. Closing the gap took place in 1989 with the fourth section to Châtillon -en- Michaille, since the A40 is open from Mâcon to Le Fayet passable.

Since its opening, the A40 is the main link between Lyon, western Switzerland and northern Italy. The extremely high traffic on this route during the holiday season - especially in the summer months - often gridlock.

Autoroute A404

The latest up to expand in the area of ​​APRR includes the opened in 1997, 18 -kilometer Autobahnast A404 between the A40 at Saint -Martin- du- Fresne and the village Oyonnax. The branching of the A404 from the A40 happens at the exit Saint -Martin- du- Fresne (No. 8), from where it goes north to Oyonnax. The connection points 10 to 12 and the subsequent end of the highway, where the highway merges into a roundabout in the D31, serve as local bypass Oyonnax and are toll-free.


The A40 crosses the fold mountains of the French Jura in the transverse valley cluse de Nantua, which are themselves major geographical obstacles to the layout were so ignored that the highway was nicknamed Autoroute des Titans. It has an exceptionally high proportion of route structures, all located in the Jura mountains:

Isolated in the practice means that the direction of travel a separate tunnel or bridge structure has been realized. In some cases, this enabled a gradual opening of the highway, that is, an early realization as a single-lane traffic flow with oncoming traffic on a building, while the building for the second direction lane was still under construction. These cases may be identified by the different opening years.

In two cases, a tunnel structure includes a direct reference to a viaduct, the tunnel takes over the function of the bridge abutment for the subsequent viaduct. This applies to the tunnel and viaducts Nantua and Châtillon.