A5 autoroute

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  • Ile- de -France
  • Burgundy
  • Champagne- Ardenne

The A5 motorway (French Autoroute ) is a 238 km long highway between the Paris ring road francilienne and the plateau of Langres. It was built from 1990 to alleviate congestion on the A6 and to relieve this.

On the highway toll is charged and it is operated by the company Autoroutes Paris -Rhin -Rhône ( APRR ).

The following European routes run along this highway E 54, E 17 and E 511 Before construction of the A 5 of the section between Troyes and Langres belonged to the A 26


The designations A 5a and 5b A are still used today.


The government gave the green light for a continuation of the A 5 of Langres to Mulhouse. Part of the cost will occupy the new toll station in Vesoul (opening 2018), the rest of the section paid by the French State. It will be built as a four-lane highway along the RN 19 to the A 36 between Belfort and Montbéliard.

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