A10 autoroute (France)

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The Autoroute 10 (also called L' Aquitaine ) is a toll motorway in France, leading from the south of Paris to Bordeaux. It is the longest motorway in France.

The highway is two lanes in each direction expanded by default, with the exception of the sections in the south of Paris ( to Tours). At Tours, the A10 has the function as an urban highway. At junction Orléans which also toll A 71 branches in the direction Clermont- Ferrand from, at Poitiers the A86 to the west. At the southern end, near Bordeaux, the Autoroute 10 shares in the Route Nationale 230 ( N 230 ) and the A 630


A10 Orléans Nord

Autoroute A 10

A10 at Briis sous Forge, Essonne,

Traffic jam on the A10 at the motorway junction to the A83

Roost " Aire de Heron Park Cendré " on the A 10