Sankt Margareten im Rosental

St. Margaret in Rosental, officially St. Margaret im Rosental ( Slow: Šmarjeta Rožu v ), is a bilingual municipality with 1071 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013 ) in the district of Klagenfurt-Land in Carinthia.

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Geographical location

The municipality is located in southeastern Rose Valley at the foot of Hochobir. It is in the north of the Drava River, bounded on the east by the free stream and the south and west by the foothills of the Karawanken and the Inzegraben.

Community structure

The community of St. Margaret in Rosental with the cadastral Gotschuchen ( Kočuha ) Niederdörfl ( Dolnja vas ) and St. Margaret ( Šmarjeta ) comprises the following 12 villages (population as at 31 October 2011):

  • Dobrowa ( Dobrava ), 20 residents
  • Dullach ( Dole ), 38
  • Gotschuchen ( Kočuha ), 222
  • Gupf ( Vrh ), 76
  • Hintergupf ( Zavrh ), 29
  • Homölisch ( Hmelše ), 6
  • Niederdörfl ( Dolnja vas ), 162 inhabitants
  • Oberdörfl ( Gornja Vas ), 87
  • Sabosach ( Zavoze ), 38
  • St. Margaret in Rosental ( Šmarjeta v Rožu ), 275
  • Seel ( Selo ), 24
  • Trieblach ( Trebljenje ), 92

Neighboring communities


Saint Margaret was historically settled relatively late, first scheduled colonization of the Rosental translated after 1200 and were then controlled by the dominions Hollenburg and Viktring.

Having been discovered in the 16th century in the Karawanken ore deposits, it came in the area around St. Margaret to a first period of economic prosperity. In addition to the ore mining and agriculture also Fassbinder industry emerged as a permanent industry in the villages of the municipality. Even in the 1930s there were about 30 farms, but now only two Fassbinder enterprises operate, which have specialized in the production of Souvenierartikeln.

From the parish of St. Margaret with the cadastral Gotschuchen and St. Margaret and Niederdörfl in 1850 formed the current municipality. It was in 1902 in " St. Margaret in Rosenthale " renamed, today's notation is valid since 1957. The municipal area has not changed significantly in its borders since the community was founded.


According to the 2001 census, the parish of St. Margaret has 1,133 inhabitants in Rosental, of which 97.3 % 1.2% Austrian and German citizens. 12% of the population belong to the ethnic group of the Carinthian Slovenes.

For the Roman Catholic Church to 94.3 % of the community population profess the Protestant Church 2.3%, no religious persuasion are 2.5%.

The Catholic parish is held in two languages ​​, German and Slovenian.

St. Margaret in Rosental counts typologically to the Slovenian dialect group of the so-called Rosental dialect or to its eastern variety of the lower Rose Valley ( Spodnji Rož ). Characteristic are numerous phonetic, morphological and lexical archaisms.

Culture and sights

  • Parish Church of St. Margaret whether Weidisch
  • Branch Church of St. Thomas in Niederdörfl, first mentioned in 1430 and 1757 newly built, with a crossroads with inscriptions in the ancient Bohoričica font.
  • Sanctuary of St.. Anna. The Anna chapel on the Matzen 1535 m above sea level is accessible only by foot; Starting point St. Margaret, Hintergupf.
  • Gletscherschliff on Gupf
  • Geological Loop Trail on the Matzen / Hintergupf
  • Science Center " Expi " in Gotschuchen


The SV St. Margaret, founded in 1964, maintains the sections soccer, curlers, ice hockey and tennis.

Regular events

  • Fisolenfest / praznik fižola, every autumn.

Economy and infrastructure

Traditionally dominated agricultural and forestry, the community has developed because of their geographical remoteness traffic in recent decades to a commuter community after Ferlach and Klagenfurt.

Become a mainstay of the community, tourism has developed. Thus, a large campsite in the middle of a floodplain counts as well as pubs and guest houses to the infrastructural facilities in the municipality. In Gotschuchen provide several wood processing companies manufactures gift items, a construction company in St. Margaret, as well as a large Joinery in Oberdörfl provide more jobs.

Through the municipality runs the Rosentalstraße (B 85).


Parish council

The council has been working for the local council elections in 2009 were as follows:

  • Social Democratic Party: 7 mandates
  • Alliance for Austria's Future: 4 mandates
  • Austrian People's Party: 3 seats
  • Enotna Lista: 1 mandate

Coat of arms

The official blazon of the municipal coat of arms is "From gold to red split, front erect a red dragon with linksgewendetem head and black collar on torn chain, behind a golden scraper on a golden wood professionals. "

The dragon with chain at the front of the coat of arms is the attribute of the parish patron saint, Saint Margaret of Antioch. The back side shows in the upper part of a typical tool of their Fassbinder, a doctor ( draw knife ). Also the water professionals with two handles including alludes to the traditional and typical local, but almost extinct craft.

Coat of arms and flag were presented to the community on 29 August 1989. The flag is yellow-red with integrated crest.