Unity List (Austria)

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The Enotna Lista ( German: Unity List, abbreviated as EL) sees itself as a united party of the Carinthian Slovenes. She went to the club in 1991 from the Slovenian community councils, which was created in 1973 by the merger of various Slovenian council fractions. Since 1950, Slovenian lists run regularly at the community level. The current chairman of EL ( from 2003) is Vladimir Smrtnik. Before him the unit list for years led Andrej Wakounig. For the first time in the history of the Carinthian village of Federal, he was elected as a representative of the Slovene minority in the State Executive Committee in 1991.

As the proportion of the Carinthian Slovenes is below the basic mandate hurdle for the Carinthian parliament, they can claim this at the state level does not do justice. It is, however, represented in the bilingual region in numerous local councils. The number of council members that are provided by the EL, currently at 47, and 3, of the Common List of greenery and Unity List (GEL) are (as of 2009) from a total of 2,552. With Franz Josef Smrtnik ( EL) in Eisenkappel - Vellach has since March 2009 for the first time in the history of Carinthia, a representative of the Slovene minority held the office of mayor. In cooperation with the Greens and the Liberal Forum (LIF ) presented the EL 1986-1990 ( under chairman Karel Smolle ) and from 1998 to 1999 ( under chairman Andrei Wakounig ) with Karel Smolle a deputy in the Austrian National Council. In the national election of 2008, the EL worked again with the LIF together: The ethnic group representatives Rudi Vouk was the top candidate of the LIF in Carinthia and its Constitution speaker, it supported the EL the Liberal Forum in the election campaign.

Membership and participation in the Party is open to members of all ethnic groups.

The Enotna Lista works closely with the Southern Carinthian farmers ( Skupnost južnokoroških Kmeťov ) together that could unite in 2006 7.4% of the vote in the Chamber of Agriculture choice on itself and thus were given two mandates.

The party is since 2006 a full member of the European Free Alliance.