Zare - socialno - liberalni (Slovenian for fact - socially liberal ), short name Zare, is a political party in Slovenia.

The party has a social-liberal orientation. Its chairman is Gregory Golobič. Zare is part of the coalition government of Prime Minister Borut Pahor and, with Pavel Gantar the President of the National Assembly. She also has observer status in the Liberal International.


It was founded in October 2007 as a splinter group of the Liberal Democracy of Slovenia, in which also involved six of the 23 members of parliament.

In the 2007 presidential election Zare supported the candidate of the Social Democrats, Danilo Türk. In the 2008 general election, Zare to 9.4 % of the vote nine seats, while the Liberal Democrats represent only five deputies in the National Assembly.

By October 2011, called the party Zare - nova politika ( German: Actually - new policy). Since then, she wears the current name Zare - socialno - liberalni.