Democratic Party (Luxembourg)

The Demokratesch Party ( German Democratic Party, French Parti démocratique ), short DP, is a liberal party in Luxembourg. After big gains in parliamentary elections in 2013, it has in Xavier begging for the second time Prime Minister of Luxembourg. At the European level, it is a member of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe ( ALDE).


Since its inception, the DP together with the Chrëschtlech social Vollekspartei (CSV ) and the Socialist Lëtzebuerger Esch Arbechterpartei (LSAP ) one of the three dominant parties in Luxembourg. In addition to the CSV, the DP is the only party that could provide a Luxembourg Prime Minister after the Second World War from 1974 to 1979 Gaston Thorn and since 2013 Xavier begging. In the other legislative periods, the DP was alternating with the LSAP only one coalition partner led by the CSV government.

From 1999 to 2004, the DP was 15 out of 60 seats the second largest party in the Luxembourg Parliament and formed a coalition with the CSV. In the parliamentary elections of 2004, however, the party lost five seats, whereupon the CSV entered into a coalition with the now stronger LSAP. In the 2009 elections, they again lost a seat on nine members in Parliament. Under its new chairman Xavier begging, the mayor of the capital, she could catch up with the chamber election in 2013 with 13 seats back to the Social Democrats. The party leadership of the Democrats spoke then of a coalition with the LSAP and the Greens.

In the European Parliament, it is represented by a deputy who heard of Liberals and Democrats for Europe ( ALDE) to the Group of the Alliance.

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