United Democrats

The Enomeni Dimokrates (EDI, United Democrats, Greek: Ενωμένοι Δημοκράτες ) are a liberal political party in Cyprus. The party was founded by former Cypriot President George Vassiliou in 1993 and initially carried the name Kinima Eleftheron Dimokraton ( free movement of Democrats ). After the merger with cleavage of the communist party AKEL she took in 1996 to its present name. At European level, EDI is a member of the liberal party ELDR Europe.

From 1996 to 2006 EDI had one of the 56 seats in the Cypriot Parliament. This was taken by Androulla Vassiliou, the wife of the party 's founder.

In the referendum on the Annan Plan 2004 through a reunification of the two parts of Cyprus, EDI continued, ultimately in vain, for a Yes a.

2005, the party leader Georgios Vassiliou resigned and was succeeded by Michalis Papapetrou. In the parliamentary elections the following year, EDI came to 1.6 % of the vote and lost the seat she had occupied before. Then stepped back and Papapetrou and was replaced by Praxoula Antoniadou 2007. Androulla Vassiliou was 2008 EU Health Commissioner in the Barroso Commission I.