Sara Douglass

Sara Douglass ( born June 2, 1957 in Penola, South Australia as Sara Warneke, † September 27, 2011 ) was an Australian author of fantasy novels.


Douglass initially grew up on a small farm in South Australia before with her parents and three siblings moved at the age of seven years to Adelaide, where she attended the Methodist Ladies College. After school, she became a nurse at the request of their parents. A career choice that was not satisfied by Douglass, so she completed a degree in English history at the University of Adelaide. After receiving her doctorate in 1992, she gave up the Medical Profession and taught as a lecturer medieval European history at La Trobe University in Bendigo.

Douglass eventually began to write stories, and the publisher HarperCollins decided in 1995 to publish her ​​book BattleAxe (in the U.S. under the title The Wayfarer Redemption published ). This book is the first of its Tencendor series, followed in 1996-2010 eight other books.

After their success in English speaking countries her first novel was published in October 2002 with The Star Bride ( from BattleAxe ) in German translation.

Sara Douglass devoted himself to gardening and used their own Internet presence to the subject.

In 2008, she was diagnosed with cancer. On September 27, 2011, she died of ovarian cancer.


Series in the Tencendor series

The Axis Trilogy, was released as Under the World Tree

  • BattleAxe (1995), it was released as The Stern ISBN 3-492-26523-5 bride / Sternenströmers song ISBN 3-492-26524-3.
  • Enchanter (1996 ), was released as Dance of the Stars ISBN 3-492-26525-1 / The Star Keeper ISBN 3-492-26526- X.
  • StarMan (1996 ), was released as the legacy of Star Bride ISBN 3-492-70005-5 / The Goddess of the starry dance ISBN 3-492-70006-3.

The Wayfarer Redemption, was released as the Sign of the Stars

  • Sinner (1997), it was released as The mortal gods Tencendors ISBN 3-492-70041-1, new edition in two volumes (2008): Heirs of the Gods ISBN 978-3-492-26670-3, demons storm ISBN 978-3 - 492-26671-0.
  • Pilgrim (1998), it was released as The Guardian of Time ISBN 3-492-70043-8, new edition in two volumes ( 2009): Guardian of Dreams ISBN 978-3-492-26682-6, ISBN 978-3-492 star son -26683-3.
  • Crusader (1999), was released as the final battle for Tencendor ISBN 3-492-70045-4, new edition in two volumes (2009): mistress of the dark ISBN 978-3-492-26694-9, World Battle ISBN 978-3 - 492-26695-6.

Dark Glass Mountain

  • The Serpent Bride (2007)
  • The Twisted Citadel (2008)
  • The Infinity Gate (2010)

Other series

The Crucible, it was released as The Dark Century

  • The Nameless Day (2000 ), was released as the guardian of power, it was released as daughter of the war
  • The Wounded Hawk ( 2001), was released as servants of evil, it was released as an envoy of the devil
  • The Crippled Angel ( 2002)

The Troy Game

  • Hades ' Daughter (2002)
  • God's Concubine (2004)
  • Dark Witch Rising ( 2005)
  • Druids ' Sword (2007)

Other works

  • Beyond the Hanging Wall (1996 ), it was released as The Lord of the dream realm ISBN 3-492-70071-3.
  • Threshold ( 1997), it was released as The Power of Pyramids ( The Glass Sorceress, ISBN 3-492-26560- X / The stone converter, ISBN 3-492-26571-5 )
  • The Betrayal of Arthur (1998)