Bendigo is a city in the Australian state of Victoria. It forms the center of the local government area of the City of Greater Bendigo.


Bendigo is located exactly in the geographic center of the state, about 150 km north- west of Melbourne at about 225 m altitude.


Bendigo is with 76,000 inhabitants ( metropolitan area) is the fourth largest city of Victoria.


Bendigo was founded in 1855. The place is a result of the Gold Rush, the 1851 is broken with the first discovery of gold in the area. Within a short time, thousands of prospectors and until 1870 was the city that still Sandhurst was called until 1891, the most important gold deposit in the world. By 1950 there were over 600 t of gold mined, then let the increasingly difficult mining conditions return to profitability. With the new method, it is hoped to also have access to the remaining gold reserves in the future, which will have the same scope again.

The resulting by the gold wealth is reflected in the city. Numerous large colonial buildings dominate the skyline. Accordingly, tourism is an important source of income of the city. One attraction is the "Talking Tram ", the historical city tram.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • John Flynn (1880-1951), founder of the world's first flying medical service
  • Nettie Palmer (1885-1964), poet, essayist and literary critic
  • Shane Brennan ( born 1957 ), screenwriter and producer
  • Stephen Huss ( b. 1975 ), tennis player
  • Kirsty Sword Gusmão (born 1966 ), human rights activist and First Lady of East Timor
  • Daniel Thorsen ( born 1986 ), cyclist
  • Mitchell Watt ( * 1988), long jumper
  • Shane Stone ( born 1950 ), Australian politician

Twin Cities

  • East Timor Maubisse, East Timor