Mitchell Watt

Mitchell Watt ( born March 25, 1988 in Bendigo ) is an Australian long jumper. His best jump is 8.54 meters, set on 29 July 2011 in Stockholm. At a height of 1.83 m his competition weight is 82 kg.


Mitchell Watt studied business law at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. His club is the QE2 Track Club.


After five years no longer employed with athletics (his farthest jump with 6.98 m dated from the year 2002), he began with his coach Gary Bourne to prepare for the Australian Long Jump 2008 season. With 7.72 m 2008 he was third at the IAAF World Athletics Tour in Melbourne. In the subsequent Australian Championships, he was 7.33 m aft. His best performance in 2008 was 7.97 m, jumped in Gold Coast.

In 2009, Mitchell joined Watt in front of the top. First he jumped in January in Gold Coast 8.04m, he was at the IAAF World Athletics Tour in Melbourne with 8,11 m behind Fabrice Lapierre second. At the Australian Championships in 2009, he was with 8.10 m Fabrice Lapierre also behind in second. He assumed this also at the 100 - meter dash with 10.37 s part and had a time that would have been enough for a World Cup qualifier. At the Grand Prix in Madrid in July 2009 ( 4th place), he increased his best performance at 8.34 m. On 20 July 2009 he jumped in Rethymno 8.43 m with legal 2.0 m / s tail wind. This was the world's fifth- longest jump of 2009 and the second longest that has ever been jumped by an Australian. Since 2000, the Australian record was 8.49 m and was held by Jai Taurima. His good form he confirmed at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin with the bronze medal after a jump of 8.37 m. Also, he was third at the World Indoor Championships in Doha in 2010 ( 8.05 m).

The silver medal he won at the 2011 World Championships in Daegu with 8.33 m behind the four-time world champion Dwight Phillips. In his first Olympics, the 2012 Olympics in London, he was awarded for his 8.16 m also the silver medal.


The Australian long jump championship he won for the first time in 2011 with a new stadium record of 8.44 m in the Olympic Park Stadium in Melbourne. Already his first jump of 8.17 m would have secured him the Australian Championship. The 8.44 m he jumped in the last attempt. 8.44 m he jumped again in the victory at the Shanghai Golden Grand Prix, a station of the IAAF Diamond League in Shanghai Stadium on May 15, 2011. His 100-meter personal best he improved on 18 June 2001 in Gold Coast on 10, 31 s in the DN Galan in Stockholm Olympic Stadium on July 29, 2011 at the Diamond League he jumped a new Australian record when he won with 8.54 m.