Sarah Strange

Sarah Strange ( born September 6, 1974 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada ) is a Canadian actress.


Sarah Strange was born as the daughter of screenwriters Susan Lynn and Marc Strange in Vancouver. Initially she wanted to become a doctor, but during her high school aged in her, the decision to pursue a career as an artist. They took part in school plays and started after her high school years her film and television career. Her acting debut was celebrated in the early 1990s in the Canadian TV series Madison. Furthermore synchronized Strange then Ranma Saotome in the Ranma ½ anime series. This was followed by guest roles in other television series such as Dark Angel, The Outer Limits - The unknown dimension, as well as supporting roles in Da Vinci 's Inquest and ReGenesis.


Strange has in the course of their career more Gemini Award - received nominations, was the award but so far only win once - the Canadian equivalent of the Emmy Awards: for her role in the Canadian television series Neon Rider (1995).

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