Savalen is a Norwegian lake that lies in the municipalities Tynset and Alvdal in Hedmark and also a place on this lake.

The lake is regulated and the Savalen power plant (62 MW ) is used as a reservoir.

The lake shore Savalen is one of the largest resorts in the region. The Savalen Fjellhotel, located at the northeastern end. The ice rink in the vicinity of the hotel was known by several world records and Norwegian records, including by Frode Rønning Jan Egil Storholt, Rolf Falk- Larssen and Johann Olav Koss. There are also alpine ski runs with two lifts, a ski stadium and a Rollskiloipe.

The Norwegian writer Arne Garborg lived from 1886 to 1896 in a cabin in Kolbotnen on Savalensee. Here he wrote his letter collection that Kolbotnenbriefe, which were published in 1890.