Saxon Uplands

As Erzgebirge is called a landscape strip in Saxony, the north of the Ore Mountains stretches. In the main, it is located in the district of Zwickau, the city of Chemnitz, in the district of Central Saxony and south of Dresden. It west of Chemnitz reaches a height of 480 m.

Nature regions

Geographically, the Erzgebirge is divided as follows (main units after Meynen, respectively, in parentheses, BfN):

  • 45 (part of D19 ) Erzgebirge 450 Mittelsächsisches Lößlehmhügelland ( roughly equivalent to the trough - Lößhügelland )
  • 451 Erzgebirgisches pool
  • 452 Upper Pleissenland ( according to current categorization part of the Erzgebirge Basin )

The Upper Pleissenland in the West today is mostly attributed to the Erzgebirgsbecken with the cities of Zwickau and Chemnitz in the south. Northeast of Chemnitz pushes a narrow strip of trough - Lösshügellandes between the Elbe Valley Basin and the Eastern Ore Mountains.