Eastern Ore Mountains

The Eastern Ore Mountains as the eastern part ( in terms of area approximately the eastern half ) of the Saxon Erzgebirge a natural area in Saxony and part of the superunit Saxon hill country and low mountain ranges. Its southern continuation takes about the same a large share of the Czech Republic.

The Erzgebirge is in the west of (not in addition counted ) valley of the river Floeha and to the east of the Saxon Switzerland, the German, so the northern side of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, limited. The border to the Erzgebirge is rather blurred, while in the south the ridge line approximately coincides with the border with the Czech Republic.

The highest point on the Czech side is on the Loučná ( Wiesel stone, 956 m nm). In German / Saxon side, the 905 m high Kahleberg the highest elevation dar.

Higher elevations of the eastern Ore Mountains, both in the district of Central Saxony and pro rata, to the extent it is counted to the Erzgebirgskreises belong to the Erzgebirge / Vogtland.


  • Geising
  • Glashütte / Sa.
  • Hermsdorf / Erzgeb.
  • Holzhau
  • Kipsdorf
  • Lauenstein
  • Lichtenberg / Erzgeb.
  • Liebenau
  • Löwenhain
  • Malter
  • Mulda / Sa.
  • Nassau
  • Neuhausen / Erzgeb.
  • Oberschona
  • Oederan
  • Olbernhau
  • Paulsdorf
  • Pfaffroda
  • Pretzschendorf
  • Rechenberg- Bienenmuhle
  • Rehefeld Fence House
  • Reinhardtsgrimma
  • Sidon
  • Schellerhau
  • Schmiedeberg
  • Seifersdorf ( b. Dippoldiswalde )
  • Cínovec




  • Retention basins Müglitztal
  • Saidenbach reservoir
  • Dam Rauschenbach
  • Dam Lichtenberg
  • Lehnmühle Dam
  • Klingenberg dam
  • Malter Dam
  • Lower Großhartmannsdorfer pond


The Erzgebirge heard in the upper part of the Erzgebirge / Vogtland. The cross section forms near the nature reserve " Erzgebirge ". Other protected areas and projects are:

  • Conservation area boundary meadows Fuerstenau and Fürstauer Heath
  • Nature reserve Geisingberg
  • Conservation area boundary meadows Fuerstenau and Fürstauer Heath
  • SPA (Birds ) Area Fuerstenau
  • Black Grouse Conservation Area Fuerstenau
  • Nature Reserve George Fields raised bog
  • Nature conservation project " mountain meadows in the Eastern Ore Mountains "

Culture and sights

The Erzgebirge is also known as wood apple mountains because of the frequent occurrence of the wild or wood apple.

  • Kohlhaukuppe
  • The project " Cross-border mining trail Krupka-Geising-Altenberg-Zinnwald/Cinovec-Dubi ".