SC is an abbreviation for:

  • Chile after the ICAO code
  • Curtiss SC, a US-based, single-seat Nahaufklärer aircraft from the period of World War II
  • Fratres a Sacratissimo cords of Jesus, Brothers of the Sacred Heart, a fraternity
  • The Kommandozeilenanwenung the Service Control Manager on Microsoft Windows
  • Sacrosanctum Concilium (Latin ), Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy of the Second Vatican Council
  • Safety car, motorsport
  • Safety Card on airplanes
  • Sales Confirmation, the formal confirmation of an order in the commercial
  • Santa Catarina, Brazil State
  • Column, a chromatographic separation process
  • 1993 SC, an asteroid the Kuiper Belt
  • Skate Club
  • Metro Station Schweinau the Nuremberg U -Bahn
  • Security Council, see the United Nations Security
  • Section Chief, former name of the highest rank of officials in ministries
  • Senatus consultum, Senate resolution in Roman antiquity
  • Senior Convent, corporation associations
  • Senior Convent ( college), Association of Corps at a university
  • Seychelles, the country code according to ISO 3166
  • Single Core, English expression from the processors technology
  • Ski Challenge, online computer game
  • Smart Card (English), plastic card with a built-in chip
  • Sources Chrétiennes, a series of publications
  • South Carolina, U.S. State as postal abbreviation
  • Player character in role playing
  • Sports club, see List of sports club shortcuts
  • Starcraft, a real-time strategy game from Blizzard Entertainment
  • Subcommittee of the International Organization for Standardization ( ISO)
  • Subscriber Connector, connector type for fiber-optics

SC as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: county-level city of Schwabach
  • UK: Glasgow
  • Norway: Haugesund in Rogaland county,
  • Poland: county-level city of Częstochowa
  • Slovakia: Okres Senec

SC stands for:

  • Scandium, a chemical element
  • Schmidt number (after Ernst Schmidt), a dimensionless parameter
  • Stratocumulus, a cloud shape

Sc. is short for:

  • Sauce

Sc is an abbreviation for:

  • Sardinian language, language code from ISO 639-1
  • Significant criteria, feature weighting in statistical process control
  • Simple cubic, face-centered cubic primitive lattice of the cubic crystal system

. sc stand for

  • . sc, country code top -level domain of the Seychelles

Sc is an abbreviation for:

S c. stands for:

  • Sub conditione, a technical term in Christian churches
  • Subcutaneous, medically " administered under the skin "

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