Sean Parker

Sean Parker ( born December 3, 1979) is an American Internet entrepreneur. He is co-founder of Napster, Plaxo and Causes, and was a consultant of Facebook Inc.


Parker received his education at Oakton High School until 1998. 1999 Parker participated as a co-founder of the music -sharing platform Napster, but this was discontinued due to copyright infringement by the Recording Industry Association of America.

In November 2002, Parker established with the Plaxo, Inc., a California company, the social-network services and software for centralized management of networked online address books offers. He left the company for unknown disputes with Sequoia Capital and Ram Shriram.

2004 Parker began to advise the Facebook team and received 7 % stake in Facebook. When Parker was arrested for cocaine possession, he was forced to leave Facebook.

Since 2006, Parker worked for the California venture capital firm The Founders Fund Managing Partner. During his time there, he became aware of the music streaming service Spotify in 2009 and contacted its founder Daniel Ek. Shortly thereafter, Parker invested 15 million U.S. dollars in Spotify and later became a member of the Board of Directors.


In the appeared in 2010 film The Social Network, among others, the role of Parker in the emergence of Facebook and his acquaintance is discussed to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. The role of Sean Parker took over Justin Timberlake. He himself described the film as a completely fabricated story ("a complete work of fiction ").