Sergej Evljuskin

Sergei Evljuskin ( [ sərɡ ʲ ɛj ' ɛf.ljuskɪn ]; born January 4, 1988 in Aleksejewka, Kyrgyz SSR ) is a German footballer who is employed as a midfielder, especially in eighth.


Youth in Braunschweig and Wolfsburg

Born in 1988 as son of a Kyrgyz father and a mother in the Kazakh Soviet Union grew Evljuskin from 1990 in Germany, where he joined in 1995 the Brunswick SC in his hometown. As C -teenager, he scored 98 goals in a season. In the summer of 2003, he still moved as B -teenager to VfL Wolfsburg and was there for the youth national team when he was first appointed shortly afterwards in the U-16 national team, for whom he played a total of eleven games. In the following season 2004 /05 Evljuskin also ran eleven times on the U- 17 national team and in 2005 was awarded the Fritz Walter Gold Medal as a junior player of the year in his age group. In 2006 he received this award again, after he had been promoted to the U-18 national team and had played for these eight games. For the U-19 national team Evljuskin then received another ten bets that he sometimes played during the European Championship in 2007, before he was taken into account only from 2007, twice more in the U-20 national team and his international career ended in the following.

Beginnings at VfL Wolfsburg

For Wolfsburg Evljuskin was begun on 12 August 2006 A teenager for the second men's team in the fourth division Oberliga Nord, where he scored one goal in 21 appearances. At the same time he was still a member of the club 's youth, with whom he was defeated in the DFB Junior Club Cup 2006/ 07 in the final of the 1860 Munich. Klaus Augenthaler, Wolfsburg's head coach, paid him 2007 with a professional contract. In the club he was called "emperor", because even the real " Kaiser" Franz Beckenbauer was also captain of the club and the national team as he does.

From the summer of 2007, according to the old men's teams Wolfsburg belonging Evljuskin was then also led the squad in the Bundesliga team VfL, but was still exclusively for the second representation used, which now took in the third-class, fourth-class later due to a reform Regional leagues. There Evljuskin came in the seasons 2007/ 08, 2008/ 09 and 2009/10 to a total of 62 regional league games in which he scored three goals.

When Felix Magath took over as coach in Wolfsburg, this bought 27 new players in his first term in Wolfsburg. Since Evljuskin in Wolfsburg's first team therefore hardly had potential for use, he decided in the summer of 2010, to change within the Regional to Rot-Weiss Essen, where his former promoter Hyballa should be coach. But he struck also offers from Leverkusen, Hannover, Bremen and Freiburg. Food, however, was denied shortly after his contract signing the license for the Regional, so food would continue to compete in the fünftklassigen NRW-Liga, why Evljuskins contract was invalid.

About Rostock to Babelsberg

Below Evljuskin was by F. C. Hansa Rostock committed, who took the 2010/11 under coach Peter Vollmann relegated from the Bundesliga 2 in the 3rd league. In this Evljuskin completed on 1 August 2010, although his first appearance as a professional, but could not establish themselves as key players compared to players like Kevin Pannewitz and Mohammed Lartey. In order to gain match practice Evljuskin was therefore also used in the Rostock reserve team, which took under coach Axel Rietentiet in fünftklassigen Oberliga Nordost 2010/11. At season's end Hansa finally reached the direct promotion back to the 2nd Bundesliga, including Evljuskin had contributed a total of 16 substitutions, as well as an insert on the grid, thus initially be automatically extended until 2012 dated contract until 2014. In addition, Hansa won this season also the National Cup Mecklenburg -Vorpommern, in which Evljuskin a goal had achieved within four missions, but was not used in the final. Following the season Evljuskin a change of clubs has been suggested then, however, since it is in Rostock had been unable to prevail.

Early July 2011, graduated Evljuskin first a trial with Belgian second division KAS Eupen, played in the sequence two more times for Hansas reserve team in the Oberliga season 2011 /12 and eventually switched mid-August 2011 initially on loan for one year for third division side SV Babelsberg 03 for team, coached by Dietmar Demuth of Babelsberg came Evljuskin then to 30 inserts in the third league match 2011/12 season in which the club held a 17 the final table of the class. Since Rostock simultaneously descended again from the 2nd Bundesliga in the 3rd league, lost Evljuskins contract with Hansa its validity, after which he signed a temporary contract initially until 2014 at Babelsberg and became a regular player. However, the descent 2013 he could not prevent, and so lost his contract validity. Then he signed a contract with the regional league Goslar SC 08