Servi Jesu et Mariae

The servants of Jesus and Mary ( Servi Jesus et Mariae - Order abbreviation: SJM ) are a Catholic Congregation of priests and lay brothers who, founded in 1988 by Father Andreas Hönisch, a former Jesuit and directed until his sudden death on 25 January 2008 as General of the Order been. In 1994, the SJM were recognized by the Commission Ecclesia Dei as a congregation of pontifical right. Current Superior General of the Congregation of Jesus Servi et Mariae is P. Anton Bentlage SJM. He was elected by the General Chapter of the Order to succeed P. Andreas Hönisch SJM on 8 July 2008.


By his own self- understanding, the community is trying a religious life according to the spirituality of St.. Ignatius of Loyola to realize. The main points are, inter alia, the daily renewal of consecration to the Heart of Jesus and the Heart of Mary and the special veneration of St.. Called Eucharist. The priests of the SJM celebrate Holy Mass, not only by that of Paul VI. introduced new Missal, as well as in the so-called Tridentine rite. For the Community of SJM is one of the few Catholic religious who celebrate both the ordinary and the extraordinary form of the Roman rite. The Second Vatican Council stand to "fundamentally positive about ." The Order has its focus in youth ministry and especially in the Scout pastoral care and the care of groups of the Catholic Scout Association of Europe ( KPE ).


The parent company of SJM is in Blindenmarkt ( Lower Austria), in the diocese of St. Pölten, where the Order of the then Bishop Kurt Krenn was taken. In addition, the congregation leads the College Cardinal von Galen in the moated castle Haus Assen in Lippetal (Nordrhein- Westfalen), the Christoph Bernhard Graf von Galen gave them in 1997; the house was canonically erected on February 22, 2013, approval of the local bishop Felix Genn. Another German branch office is located in Erlbach, the SJM - publishing has its headquarters in Bavaria, more In Kazakhstan, there is a branch in Kornejewka.

In 1995, the Congregation by Bishop Josef Viktor Dammertz the continued use of the old Capuchin monastery in market Rettenbachferner, the district must Hausen, terminated. The new head office was then established in Blindenmarkt. Unlike often claimed there was for the SJM never a pastoral ban in the diocese of Augsburg.

In October 2006, negotiated by Bishop Johannes Dyba Gestellungsverträge of the diocese of Fulda were terminated with the Congregation by Bishop Heinz Josef Algermissen after there had been differences between the Bishop and the SJM - Superior General, Father Andreas Hönisch. According to the diocese is for the dispensation of the SJM - priest the behavior of the Superior General have been the cause, which was denied by this, however.

Is present, the SJM operates in several parishes in Germany, Austria, France and Kazakhstan in pastoral care.

The press organ of the Order 's quarterly newspaper The reputation of the king. That is visually separated and is edited by P. Otto Maier - In this magazine in newspaper format, a side dish ( " life protection movement of the Congregation of the Servants of Jesus and Mary Christian and Future" ) appears.