Blind market is a market town with 2568 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013 ) in the Most area in the district of Melk in Lower Austria ( Austria ).

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Blindenmarkt lies in the valley of the Ybbs 8 km east of Amstetten in Lower Austria's wine district.

Community structure

The municipality comprises the following four localities ( in parentheses population as of 31 October 2011):

  • Atzelsdorf (162 )
  • Blindenmarkt (1933 )
  • Kotting Postal (430 )
  • Wide trench ( 31)

The municipality comprises the cadastral Blindenmarkt, Kotting Postal and wide ditch.


Blindenmarkt was already raised in 1522 by the future Emperor Ferdinand I to the market. But this coat of arms letter was already a few years later during the first Turkish siege lost and was only renewed in 1569 by Maximilian II.

In the Napoleonic Wars in 1809, the town was heavily affected.

As early as 1903, so very early, there was in Blindenmarkt by a small private hydropower plant electricity. In the years 1927-1938 in Blindenmarkt a rural training school was housed, helped the blind to market more important.


Since 1994 Castle Auhof is in Blindenmarkt the parent company of the Catholic Congregation of the Servants of Jesus and Mary ( SJM ).

Culture and sights

  • Ausee Blindenmarkt


The council has 21 seats, mayor of the municipality since 2007 Franz Wurzer, chief officer Alois Reithner.

In the municipal elections of 2005, the ÖVP reached 12, the SPÖ and the FPÖ 4 5 mandates. In the municipal elections of 2010, the SPÖ lost two, the ÖVP won a seat Two of the seats, the FPÖ, a list of the newly occurred CDU (FW).


Blind market is located on the main east - west connections in the country, namely the A1 western motorway, Wiener Straße B 1 and the Western Railway.

Sports clubs

  • SV Union Raika Blindenmarkt
  • Disaster Supper organization
  • Tennis Club Blindenmarkt
  • Tria team NE West
  • Turnverein Blindenmarkt
  • Gymnastics center Blindenmarkt
  • ESV Blindenmarkt
  • Fishing club Blindenmarkt

Other clubs

  • Local development association " Together for Blindenmarkt "
  • Rapid Fan " Green White Devils "
  • JRK - Blindenmarkt
  • Association for the support of the Red Cross
  • Youth and Trachtenkapelle Blindenmarkt
  • Sundabier e.V.


The name of the community reminded Elias Canetti to the blind beggar on the market of Marrakech, which he had observed in his trip to Morocco in 1954 and The Voices of Marrakesh literary processed later in his travel records.