Shree 420

  • Raj Kapoor: Ranbir Raj / Rajkumar of Piplinagar
  • Nargis: Vidya Shastri Omkarnath
  • Nadira: Maya
  • Nemo: Seth Sonachand Dharmanand
  • Lalita Pawar: Ganga Ma
  • M. Kumar:
  • Hari Shivdasani: Philachand
  • Nana Palsikar: The Card Players
  • Bhudo Advani: The Card Players
  • Pessi Patel:
  • Ramesh Sinha:
  • Rashid Khan: Radiwala
  • Sheila vaaz:
  • S. P. Berry:
  • Kathana:
  • Satyanarayan:
  • Shailendra:
  • Rajoo:
  • Mansaram:
  • Iftikhar: Police Inspector
  • Uma Devi Maya neighbor
  • AnwaribaiAnwari:
  • Indira:
  • Mirajkar: inspector
  • Bhagwandas:
  • Bishamber:

The Prince of Piplinagar (original Shree 420; Hindi: श्री 420, Urdu: 420 شری, translated: Mr 420) is a socially critical Hindi comedy film from 1955 directed by and starring Raj Kapoor.


Raju makes on the way to Bombay and is looking for work. He is very confident, because after all, he has a university degree. But the very first day he meets the ruthless city life. He is robbed and sleeping under the open sky. Finally he meets Vidya, who comes from a poor family and taught poor children. They fall in love and want to marry.

Luckily, he finds a job in a ironing. One day, he must have the ironed clothes deliver it to the rich Maya, who discovered his talent for the card game. It opens the door for him in the world of the rich and reaches by Raju at even more wealth. As Raj Maya him but a bit of asking leave of the money earned, she throws him out.

Now the greasy millionaire Seth Sonachand Dharmanand Raju wants to benefit and makes him rich with questionable methods. In his fraudulent activities, Raju gives as Prince (Hindi: Rajkumar ) of fantasy resort " Piplinagar " from. All the wealth to Raju makes Vidya sad and she considers him a 420 ( Criminal item for scammers ). You want to get him out of this dishonest and corrupt world of the rich.

In the end, there Raju on his greed and his fraudulent actions, because he has learned from his mistakes. From Raju is now an honest man.


Filmfare Award 1957

  • Filmfare Award / Best Editing at G. G. Mayekar
  • Filmfare Award / Best Camera at Radhu Karmakar


The patriotic song Mera Hai Japani Joota ( My shoes are from Japan) - in which the objective is that the clothes from Japan, England and Russia, but the heart is Hindustani - is a very popular song today. The words Ramayya Vasthaavayya are Telugu, but the rest of the songs are sung in Hindi.

The songs are from Shankar - Jaikishan Komponistenduo. The texts written Shailendra and Hasrat Jaipuri.


As a production designer of this production of Kapoor's production company RK Film was M. R. Acharekar active.

§ 420 of the Indian Penal Code (Indian Penal Code ), the title of the film refers, relates to a fraud offense. With " Shree 420 " honorable men are meant to have come through fraudulent trading to wealth. With informative names, the two main female roles were provided: Vidya means " wisdom " and Maya "Illusion ".

The German dubbed version is just 112 minutes, as all singing and dancing scenes were cut out.

Raj Kapoor has developed its already in Awaara (1951 ) played, ajar in dress and behavior to his idol Charlie Chaplin tramp role further with this film. A year later, in Chased Raho, he joined again in that role.