Si stands for:

  • Si ( official ) name of an ancient Egyptian officials
  • Si ( moped ), name of a moped and small motorcycle Piaggio
  • Si Tianfeng ( born 1984 ), Chinese mountaineers
  • The circle Si (泗县; Pinyin: Sì Xiàn ) of the prefecture-level city of Suzhou in Anhui province, see Si ( Suzhou)
  • Silicon, in accordance with the symbols of the chemical elements
  • Sports information, sports Swiss News Agency

SI or S.I. stands for:

  • International System of Units
  • Israel Standard, Israeli Standard Standard
  • Swiss Illustrated, Swiss Boulevard Magazine
  • Swiss computer science society
  • Swimming instructor, lecturer for swimming, diving, water jumping in Switzerland
  • Sensory integration, interaction of sensory modalities
  • Sentiero Italia, long-distance hiking
  • Service indicator, service indicator in ISDN protocol
  • Silver- locus gene locus, the product of which is involved in melanin synthesis
  • Sinc function, analytic function
  • Sine Integralis, given by an integral function integral sine
  • Situationist International, interdisciplinary group of European intellectuals
  • Slovenia, country code according to ISO 3166-1
  • Soroptimist International, international women's organization
  • Socialist Initiative, a successor organization of Clarity
  • Socialist International, a worldwide association of socialist and social democratic parties
  • Savings computer science, IT service providers and center in the Sparkassen
  • Speed ​​Index, letter index to identify the maximum allowable speed for tires
  • Sport Ident data system in orienteering
  • Sports Illustrated, American, appearing weekly sports magazine
  • Hotel Stuttgart International ( near the airport ), expanded to the SI -Centrum in Stuttgart- Möhringen
  • Surface Interval, the surface break during a repetitive dive, see: Dive # repetitive dives
  • Svenska institutet, Swedish National Institute

SI as a distinguishing mark on license plate:

  • Germany: Siegen- Wittgenstein
  • Italy: Siena
  • Poland: county-level city Siemianowice Śląskie
  • Slovakia: Okres Skalica

ŠI as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Croatia: Sibenik
  • Serbia: Sid

SÍ stands for:

  • SÍ Sørvágur Faroese football club
  • SÍ Sumba, Faroe Islands Football Association

. si, si stands for:

  • Tonbezeichnung H, see Note labels in other languages
  • Chemical descriptor, see Prochiralität
  • . si, top -level domain of Slovenia
  • Sinhala language language code according to ISO 639-1
  • Sinus cardinalis, mathematical function
  • Slovenia, country code according to ISO 3166

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