Silent Service (video game)

In the computer game Silent Service is a submarine simulation game designer Sid Meier, who in 1985 published by MicroProse for all time popular home computer systems. The full name of the game is Silent Service - The Submarine Simulation; in Germany the game was also titled The U- boat on the market.

The player not only assumes the role of a commander of an American submarine during the time of World War II in the Pacific. He is also the same machinist, navigator and charging contactors. In critical situations, thus Overview and routine is called for. The player has to fulfill various missions. Usually it involves the attacking enemy convoys, which can be carried out over water or submerged. In the simulation, you can operate in different areas of the submarine, such as in the card room at headquarters, in the engine room, or (in the case surfaced boat) on the bridge ( conning tower ).

For a time the game was indexed on the basis of war -glorifying content from the Federal Review Board fonts. In 1990, under the name Silent Service II is an improved version on the market, which was adapted to the graphics capabilities and processing power of the then-current 16 -bit machine.

Concept and playful implementation of Silent Service also served in the following years, many other simulations as a model.