Simtek Grand Prix is a former racing team, which was founded in the 1989 by Max Mosley and Nick Wirth motorsport technology company Simtek Research Ltd.. emerged and took part in the 1994 and 1995 Formula 1 World Championship. The name " Simtek " consists of the terms " simulation " and "Technology" together.

Company History

Simtek Research was initially a service provider for the motorsport industry. The company's goal was to provide effective and economical developments for existing motor sports teams. In the first period Simtek operated in Wirth's private home, but in 1990 the company expanded and moved into a factory in Banbury, which also included a wind tunnel. Through the mediation Mosley Simtek received numerous development contracts of Formula 1 and Formula 3000 team. The Simtek customers included the Equipe Ligier.

A first step towards Formula 1 did Simtek in 1991, when the company developed a Formula 1 chassis for BMW, which was to serve as a testbed for a possible entry of the company in Grand Prix racing. BMW pursued the project though initially no further. In 1992, Simtek the vehicles to the Italian team Andrea Moda Formula on, they brought with ten-cylinder engines of Judd under the name of Andrea Moda S921 at the start. The FIA concluded before the end of season the team but from the World Championships. For the 1993 season Simtek had a contract to develop the newly established Spanish team Bravo Grand Prix a chassis that should be used by Nicola Larini and Jordi Gené. However, when the designated team leader Jean -Pierre Mosnier died shortly before the season started, this project came to a standstill.

Factory team in Formula 1

From 1994 Simtek finally competed in Formula 1. The team competed this directly with the team Pacific Racing, which debuted at the same time in Formula 1. Simtek was in both 1994 and 1995 more powerful than Pacific; to the established teams, however, Simtek could not catch nonetheless. The history of the team was overshadowed by the fatal accident the pilot Roland Ratzenberger on April 30, 1994 at the Grand Prix of San Marino 1994. In May 1995, the team was insolvent; because the sponsors refused more money payments, it turned the racing one after the Monaco Grand Prix 1995.

The vehicles of the teams were designed by Nick Wirth, who also functioned as a team boss. Overall, the Simtek S941 and S951 - makes denied in Formula 1 Grand Prix 20; the best placement were there two ninth places at the French Grand Prix in 1994 and the Grand Prix of Argentina in 1995.

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