SN 1006

( -7.5 ± 0.4 ) like I do

About 30 '

May 1006

SN 1006 was a year in 1006 occurred on the border of Centaur in the constellation Wolf galactic supernova.


It reached a brightness of 7.5 mag. There she stood very far south, they could not be seen in northern central Europe. SN 1006 was probably the brightest point-like celestial object, which was to be seen in the recorded history of mankind. Today is located at the site of approximately 2000 pc distant supernova is a supernova remnant, cataloged as a radio source PKS 1459-41.


Reports from the supernova have been handed down from China, Japan, Iraq, Egypt, Italy and Switzerland. The most accurate contemporary account of the observation of supernova traditional Egyptian astrologer Ali ibn Ridwan (called " Hali ").