Styx (Band)

Styx is a rock band from Chicago ( USA), became especially during the 1970s and 1980s worldwide fame. Styx is one of the most famous representatives of the Adult Oriented skirt.


In the late 1960s, the band had founded as The Trade Winds. The long-standing members Dennis DeYoung (vocals, keyboards), as well as a rhythm section brothers Chuck and John Panozzo 've been in this formation there. As TW4 the group with guitarist James Young joined soon after on ( JY ) and John Curulewski. A recording contract with Wooden Nickel Records was completed under the band name Styx.

Under this label, the album Styx (1972 ), Styx II ( 1973), The Serpent Is Rising (1973) and Man of Miracles (1974 ) published. It was a mixture of a no-frills guitar rock and art rock with a playful organ fugues and chorale singing. Formed together with numerous live appearances in clubs and educational institutions these albums a stable foundation for their success, which was initially limited to the Chicago region. The power ballad Lady ( Styx II) soon arrived and national in the radio playlists. 1975 became the song even a Top 10 hit, and shortly thereafter received Styx II Gold.

Buoyed by this subsequent hit single signed Styx soon at A & M Records, the album Equinox (1975 ) obtained good sales, the single release Lorelei was an average success. Curulewski had not signed the contract with A & M, as the new lead singer and guitarist Tommy Shaw came to the band. While Shaw's debut album Crystal Ball ( 1976) was crowned by moderate success, the follow- album The Grand Illusion ( 1977) was the final breakthrough of Styx. The record went platinum and the Top 10 hit Come Sail Away reached worldwide in the radio playlists.

Published in 1978 Styx their successful eighth album Pieces of Eight, from which the singles Blue Collar Man and Renegade were released. The next album Cornerstone (1979 ) was awarded the platinum status. The two single releases Babe and Boat on the River became number one hits. Styx ' tenth album came out in 1981, Paradise Theatre. The biggest hit was The Best of Times. It was also at the same time the most commercially successful album of the band and landed at # 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

After six months of work was created in 1983 under the title Kilroy Was Here that album that should initiate the demise of the band. Although the song Mr. Roboto one of the great disco hits of the year - over 1,000,000 singles were sold - the album was commercially less successful than its predecessor, it interrupted the series of multi-platinum albums and got "only" single platinum. The band broke off and the subsequent tour, as it was simply unprofitable.

Due to the declining success, the band broke up in 1984, most members began solo careers. Tommy Shaw of the Damn Yankees joined them.

1990 found the band for a new album, Edge of the Century, together. For Tommy Shaw, however, Glen Burtnik came to Styx. In the 1990s there were some line-up changes: Dennis DeYoung and Chuck Panozzo left the band, but Tommy Shaw returned to newly arrived Lawrence Gowan (keyboards, vocals) and Todd Sucherman (drums).


Studio albums

  • Styx, 1972
  • Styx II, 1973
  • The Serpent is Rising, 1973
  • Man of Miracles, 1974
  • Equinox, 1975
  • Crystal Ball, 1976
  • The Grand Illusion, 1977
  • Pieces of Eight, 1978
  • Cornerstone, 1979
  • Kilroy Was Here, 1983
  • Edge of the Century, 1990
  • Brave New World, 1999
  • Cyclorama, 2003
  • Big Bang Theory, 2005

Concert albums

  • Caught in the Act, 1984
  • Return to Paradise, 1997
  • Styx World: Live 2001, 2001
  • 21st Century Live 2003
  • One with Everything: Styx and the Contemporary Youth Orchestra, 2006


  • Best of Styx, 1977
  • The Best of Times - The Best of Styx, 1980
  • Greatest Hits, 1995
  • Greatest Hits Part II, 1996
  • Singles Collection (2CD ) 2000
  • Come Sail Away: The Styx Anthology, 2004 ( only in the USA published )


In this table there are the songs that have established themselves in the charts of the five countries.

The Billboard 200 chart

  • 2005 Big Bang Theory, 46th
  • 2004 Come Sail Away: The Styx Anthology, 136th
  • 2003 Cyclorama, 127 square
  • 1999 Brave New World, Course 175
  • 1997 Return to Paradise, Place 139
  • 1995 Greatest Hits, place 138
  • 1990 Edge of the Century, place 63
  • 1984 Caught in the Act - Live, No. 31
  • 1983 Kilroy Was Here, space 172


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  • AT:
  • CH:
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