Sultanpur (Uttar Pradesh)


Sultanpur (Hindi: सुल्तानपुर, Urdu: سلطان پور; Sultanpur [ sʊltɑ npʊr ː ] ) is a city in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, with around 108,000 inhabitants ( 2011 census ). It is located 140 kilometers southeast of Lucknow and 100 kilometers north of Allahabad on the right bank of the river Gomti in the East region of Awadh ( Oudh ) in Central Uttar Pradesh. The city is the administrative center of the district of Sultanpur.

The local tradition according to Sultanpur once located on the opposite bank of the Gomti and the name have had Kusabhavanpur. Kusabhavanpur was founded by the mythical figure Kusha, the son of the god Rama. One of the Sultans of Delhi called Ala -ud -Din, whose historicity is not backed up is said to have destroyed Kusabhavanpur and founded the new city of Sultanpur.

In Sultanpur, the National Highway 96 from Allahabad to Faizabad and the National Highway 56 from Lucknow to Varanasi cruise. The railway from Allahabad to Faizabad performs Sultanpur.