Superior mesenteric artery

The superior mesenteric artery ( " upper visceral artery " ) is an unpaired branch of the aorta and arises behind the neck of the pancreas between the root of the celiac artery and the renal arteries ( renal artery ), ie approximately at the level of the first lumbar vertebral body. In domestic animals it springs directly behind the celiac artery and is called the cranial mesenteric artery ( " skull forward - located visceral artery ").

About the Riolan anastomosis the superior mesenteric artery with the artery is inferior mesenteric connected.


From the superior mesenteric artery of man arise:

  • Pancreaticoduodenal artery inferior ( pancreatic and duodenal artery) with left and right branch, this together with the on ascending and descending branches of the left colic artery artery artery artery et marginalis coli, which runs along the colon along and supplies this
  • Arteria ileocolic ( Krumm and colon artery) Arteria caecalis anterior and posterior ( front and rear appendix artery)
  • Appendicular artery ( appendix artery)


The cranial mesenteric artery of the animals has the following branches:

  • Pancreaticoduodenal artery caudal ( posterior pancreatic duodenal artery)
  • Arteries jejunales ( jejunal arteries)
  • Arteries ilium ( Hüftdarmarterien )
  • Ileocolic artery (hip colon artery)
  • Artery caecalis ( appendix artery)
  • Artery middle colic artery (right colon artery)
  • Colic artery media (middle colon artery)