Swithhelm of Essex

Swithhelm (also Suidhelmus, Suidhelm; † about 664) was in the years about 660 to about 664 King of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Essex.


From about contemporary sources is only known about Swithhelms origin that his father Seaxbald said. After his brother King Sigeberht II, the one to christen friendly policies was accused had been murdered by relatives, Swithhelm ascended the throne of Essex. His brother Swithfrith was temporarily co-regent.

However Swithhelm joined the King's initiative Æthelwald of East Anglia on itself to Christianity. Æthelwald was his godfather when he was baptized to 661 in Rendelsham, the royal seat of East Anglia, Bishop Cedd. A sovereignty over East Anglia Essex can not be ruled Swithhelms for the time.

To 664 died Swithhelm as throughout Britain a plague broke out, the number of casualties. He was followed Sighere and Sebbi as kings over each part of Essex.