Sylvia Plischke

Sylvia Plischke ( born July 20, 1977 in Plzeň, Czechoslovakia ) is a former Austrian tennis player.

Life and career

Her parents, Lubomir and Alena Plischke, moved to Austria, as Sylvia was six years old. Her mother was also an athlete and represented Czechoslovakia in 1972 at the Olympics in the high jump.

Sylvia Plischke played for Austria in the Fed Cup with a record of five wins to six losses (5-6) and at the Olympic Games. You could on the WTA Tour achieve a double victory and had the quarter-finals at the 1999 French Open with rank 27 of their best ranking in the tennis singles world rankings. The tournament winning the doubles, she celebrated with her doubles partner, the Slovak Henrieta Nagyová, Kuala Lumpur ( Malaysia). At the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia, she lost in the individual in the first round against the Italian Rita Grande 2:6, 2:6.

Plischke 2002 ended their active career, which she started in 1992 as a professional to at the Management Center Innsbruck take a course in " business management in the tourism and leisure industry ." This she graduated in 2006 from successful and began actively in marketing & consulting to get involved. She currently lives in Prague, Czech Republic, and Innsbruck, Tyrol, and plays in her spare time still tennis.

Successes WTA Tour

Doubles titles ( 1)