Szczekociny is a city in the Polish province of Silesia in powiat zawierciański at the Pilicą with about 3900 inhabitants.

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The first written mention of the village dates from the year 1307. Town charter was given the place in the first half of the 15th century. On June 6, 1794 near an eponymous battle occurred during the Kościuszko Uprising. 1870 lost the place as many Polish towns, the municipal law, but it was in 1923 again. With the administrative reform of 1999, the place came to Silesia, although Szczekociny before in history have never belonged to Silesia and its history does not share. On 3 March 2012, here a serious rail accident that killed 16 people and 59 were injured occurred.


1937 lived 3018 Jews in Szczekociny and thus made ​​up more than half of the local population. 1500 were deported in 1942 in the Treblinka extermination camp. Only 10 percent of the Jewish population survived the Holocaust. Between the present citizens of Szczekociny and Jews from Israel and other countries in an exchange program has begun that involves young people in particular.


The urban and rural community Szczekociny consists of the city and 18 Szczekociny Schulz offices with about 8300 inhabitants and an area of 136.09 km ².

  • Bonowice
  • Bøgdal
  • Brzostek
  • Chałupki
  • Drużykowa
  • Goleniowy
  • Grabiec
  • Gustawów
  • Małachów
  • Ołudza
  • Przyłęk
  • Rędziny
  • Rokitno
  • Siedliska
  • Starzyny
  • Szyszki
  • Tęgobórz
  • Wólka Ołudzka
  • Wólka Starzyńska

Other villages in the municipality are: Gajówka, Łąkietka, Podkaszczor and Podlipie.