Tabata Station (Tokyo)

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The Tabata Station (Japanese田 端 駅, Tabata -eki ) is located in the District 1 -chome Tabata (田 端1丁目) in Kita located in Tokyo, Japan. The station is a JR East railway station and is served by the Keihin - Tohoku Line and the Yamanote Line.


On April 1, 1896 the station was opened as a passenger and freight depot. The tracks of the freight depot here extend slightly off to the north of the passenger station. In the summer of 2005 launched a comprehensive renovation of the station, which include, among other things, the establishment of a three-story building on the north side of the site and means for the barrier-free use. The construction was officially completed in August 2008.

Design and tracks

The station was built in the commonly encountered design a train station as a transit station. The tracks at the station running from northwest to southeast and driving two central platforms to. These are approached according to the direction of travel and not on the line belonging. Since the conversion is on the north side of a three-storey station building, which is used mainly for commercial purposes.


The station is served by the Yamanote Line and the Keihin - Tohoku Line of JR East. The colors used in the table below correspond to the loans granted by the JR East lines of color codes.


The station is located with in a popular shopping and entertainment district. In addition, is located near the train station, the management of JR East for the Tokyo area.


In 2007, the station from an average of 42 403 passengers was used on the day, so that the rank 99 took over 900 on the ranking of the busiest train stations of JR East in 2007.

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