Technics (brand)

Technics is like Panasonic and National is a trading name of Panasonic Corporation (until 2008 Matsushita Electric ), headquartered in Osaka, Japan.

In Germany the sale of Technics products through the company Taiyo in Hilden was.


1965, the name first for a high quality compact speaker ( " Technics 1") was used. In 1970, the first commercial direct-drive turntables drive was presented with the SP -10, which had to be installed in an enclosure or in a studio environment. A suitable tone arm had to be purchased and installed separately.

In 1973 the logo in its current form. In the following years, " Technics " is used as a brand name primarily for hi-fi equipment and electronic musical instruments, while the name of the parent company Panasonic has been used for video and television equipment and for small devices such as radio recorder, clock radios and the like.

2002 all products by Technics were out of the DJ field replaced by Panasonic, so that audio and video are range will be available at a common name.

Product Overview

The product range of Technics included:

  • Record player
  • Amplifier
  • Preamplifier
  • Amplifiers
  • Receiver
  • Tuner
  • Tape recorders
  • CD player
  • Cassette Decks
  • Equalizer
  • Mini systems
  • Speaker
  • Headphone
  • Digital Pianos
  • Keyboards
  • Home organs

Turntable SL - 1200MK2

The best-known product is the turntable Series SL- 1200MK2 or SL -1210 MK2 ( "Twelve tens" ) and its successor, M3D, MK5 and M5G. In many discos two or more of these devices are in use. The difference between the SL -1200 and SL -1210 is the only in color (SL- 1200MKx: silver gray, SL 1210MKx: anthracite / black). Legendary record player was its patented quartz-controlled, within a quarter of a turn to the setpoint speed accelerating direct drive. Also, more than 20 years after the introduction of the drive is a classic disco turntable. Technics therefore applied the MK2 succinctly " To visit in your favorite nightclub ". The device is classified as the consumer - electronics product produced the longest and was entered in the Guinness Book of Records.

Due to the Tonarmkonstruktion the SL 1200MKx is suitable for the use of so-called " integrated " pickups, which can be mounted without time-consuming adjustment directly via connector and nut after the standard SME on the tonearm. The best-known examples of this type are the " Concorde " series of the Danish manufacturer Ortofon and the " White Label " series by Shure.

End of October 2010 gave Panasonic the end of production compared to Japanese media and as part of the "2011 DMC World DJ Championships " known.

CD player SL- DZ 1200

With the SL- DZ 1200 Technics also has a DJ CD player in the offer, citing the famous record player with his name and his style. This turned out, however, relatively fast a flop out. The CD player had panned to launch various defects and has been featured in many magazines and various Internet forums. In addition, features were like the SD card only be used in conjunction with Panasonic memory cards, readers and software. Those were some of the reasons why the SL- DZ 1200 proved to be slow-moving and also suffered immense losses.

Musical Instruments

To this day, many musicians with outstanding for their quality, workmanship and outstanding sound characteristics, not least popular instruments, whether it is e- organs, digital pianos, digital ensembles or keyboards. As one of the first manufacturers worldwide Technics keyboards equipped with hard disk storage.

A Germany -wide network of Technics music schools took care of the young artists.

From the Keyboard - market Technics pulled a few years ago with the CN -7000, a high-quality keyboard back. The distribution was all set. This decision was made by the parent company Matsushita in Japan and met with the friends of these instruments with incomprehension.

The service and spare parts support for Technics instruments in Germany was taken over by Panasonic Germany GmbH. Panasonic grabbed back on the extensive network of the former workshops Technics authorized repairers.

Meanwhile, Panasonic has passed the complete support to the company Keilitz from Leipzig. All repairs by Technics musical instruments are now performed by this company.


Cassette deck and CD player from 1988

Cassette deck Technics from the 1970s

CD changer for 110 CDs, about 1995