Thanks a Million

Music at Midnight (OT: Thanks a Million ) is an American musical film directed by Roy Del Ruth 1935 The Sound of Edmund H. Hansen 1936 was nominated for an Oscar..


Ned Allen is stranded with his musical show in a sleepy small town. He and his show trying to pass the time and escape the rain. They get into an election campaign of Judge Culliman who wants to like to be governor. His appearance, however, is so boring that the show stars enlisted to spice up his tour something.

But when Eric Land, the crooner the show, more applause than reaping the judge, this is dismissed. Nevertheless, Eric saves the tour later: When the judge one day is too drunk to speak to an amount representing him Eric and so saves the campaign event. He is persuaded by the organizer, even to run as a candidate. Although Eric paints from few chances, but he tries to use the radio time as an advertisement for his singing. Meanwhile, his girlfriend Sally is jealous that Eric spends a lot of time with a woman of his boss, and leaves him. When his bosses finally make him an unacceptable proposal, he reveals this live on the radio and said that it would be a huge mistake to elect him. In fact, however, it is elected governor and reconciled again with Sally.


The film features Paul Whiteman, Ramona singer and violinist David Rubinoff on Herself.

The screenplay was written by Nunnally Johnson, who edited a history of producer Darryl F. Zanuck and Melville Crossmans. Additional dialogs have been incorporated by Fred Allen, James Gow, Edmund Gross and Harry virtue, but which are not mentioned in the credits. 1946, a remake under the title If I'm Lucky with Phil Silvers and Perry Como was shot in the lead roles.