The Betrothed (TV miniseries)

The Betrothed (Original Title: I Promessi Sposi ) is produced for television Italian film director Salvatore Nocita from 1989 in the original he has five parts and was produced by the Italian television network RAI.. The plot is based on the novel The Betrothed of the Italian writer Alessandro Manzoni.


In Italy of the 17th century in the area of Lake Como, the silk moth Renzo and Lucia to marry the farmer's daughter. But the priest refuses to marry the two, since the lord Don Rodrigo has his eye on the beautiful Lucia.


  • The production cost 20 billion Italian lira.
  • At the production volume with 248 actors and 10,000 extras.
  • A total of 2,000 costumes were made.

German broadcasting

The series was first shown in Germany by ARD from April to June 1992. She was not aired as originally in five parts, but justice program in eight parts. In a repetition in BR 1996 four episodes were aired each with a length of 90 minutes.

The following titles bore the consequences in Germany: