The Blue Room (album)


The Blue Room is the title of the published in 2000, second and so far last studio album by the American hard rock band Union.


Union had released the self-titled debut CD and the live album Live in the Galaxy in quick succession in 1999. The end of 1999 the group took in the A & M Recording Studios on the second studio album, which was released in February 2000.

All tracks on the album were written by singer John Corabi, guitarist Bruce Kulick, the producer Bob Marlette and bassist of the group, Jamie Hunting. The band decided not completely sure outsiders to participate in the songwriting. Kulick sang the title Dear Friend, whom he had dedicated to the late Kiss drummer Eric Carr. Although the song Hypnotized suggests that Corabi, who in 1994 was the singer of Motley Crue, was inspired by one created at this time with the participation of the same title to this song. However, the two songs are so different that this assumption can be excluded.

The Blue Room was published on 21 February 2000 in Europe and on 22 February 2000 in the U.S..

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The German magazine Rock Hard giving 8 points out of 10 and ruled:

"If Corabi equal to the up-tempo opener ' Do Your Own Thing'oder the groove monster ' Who Do You Think You Are ' shines, it becomes clear why the interim Mötley Crüe vocalist is among the best in his field: Whether ballad, rough or bluesy - Corabis variable, but always haunting voice is easily to every nuance of the UNION material. But it is not only the outstanding vocals Corabis, the " The Blue Room " makes it a listening pleasure, but also the numerous details that are hidden in the ten songs of the disc. ' Dear Friend ', a number that sings Kulick and the late Kiss drummer Eric Carr devotes so is a moment: After the start of the song kicks worn to and empties into the part covered with massive grooves chorus. " The Blue Room " assets are its well-placed guitar licks and solos, skillfully used backing vocals and a casual self-evident that distinguishes good musicians. Should we have. "