The Gay Divorcee

Dance with me, also known under the titles divorce on American and Funny Divorce ( Original: The Gay Divorcee !), Is an American movie musical with dancing couple Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers from 1934 The film was produced by RKO. .


The dancer Guy Holden travels with his friend, the lawyer Egbert Fitzgerald from Paris to London. On the trip, he falls in love with a girl, but appreciates him not look. Once in London, he tries to make the girl find, but without knowing that it is a client of his friend Egbert. Egbert is a longtime friend of Hortense, the girl's aunt Mimi Glossup. From Hortense he has the job, divorce Mimis to accomplish by her husband, an ever- present on Travel geologists. Egbert would like to do this with the help of Rodolfo Tonetti. Mimi is to go to the lake, where they are caught by her husband in flagrante delicto with Rodolfo. Egbert also goes along with Guy to the lake and stayed in the same hotel. Guy sees there the first time the girl he had so unsuccessfully searched in London, and resumes her contact. Mimi is initially pleased, but decreases in the course of a romantic evening on a sudden, that guy had the leased lovers. When they meet at night, therefore it is much cooler to Guy, as he had expected this. He can finally clear up the error, but since Tonetti comes in Mimi's hotel room, determined to do his duty and allowed Mimi not to leave the room more.

The next day while Guy and Tonetti are in Mimi's rooms, Egbert Mimi's husband leads to the hotel, but this is no reason to separate from Mimi, as it wonderfully to life by the money his rich wife. Only when the waiter of the hotel recognizes Mimi's husband as a former hotel customers and can prove that this is living in bigamy, the story triggers for the couple in love Guy and Mimi on to the good.


Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers had in 1933 a great success as a couple in the movie Flying Down to Rio (English title Carioca ), but their parts were only supporting roles. Therefore, to produce a film with the two in the lead roles The production company RKO decided. Astaire appeared with the musical Gay Divorce by Cole Porter successfully on Broadway and so they decided to make a movie out of it. Cole Porter wrote ten songs for the stage musical. Ultimately, remained in the film, however, only the hit Night and Day left, and Hollywood composer added their music. The film's title was changed from to Divorce Divorcee, because after the Production Code of the Federation of American film production companies a divorce not divorced but could well be happy. The late Hollywood star Betty Grable wears the song Let's K- nock K- neez ago with Edward Everett Horton in a duet.

Musical numbers

  • Do not Let It Bother You ( Harry Revel / Mack Gordon) - sung by the choir, danced by Fred Astaire
  • A Needle in a Haystack (Con Conrad / Herb Magidson ) - sung and danced by Fred Astaire
  • Let's K- nock K- neez ( Harry Revel / Mack Gordon) - sung and danced by Betty Grable and Edward Everett Horton
  • Night and Day ( Cole Porter) - sung by Fred Astaire; danced by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers
  • The Continental (Con Conrad / Herb Magidson ) - sung by Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Erik Rhodes and Lillian Miles; danced by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers
  • Reprise: The Continental - danced by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers


" Excellent played and danced, staged fast-paced and not least because of the comedic highlights on the edge of the plot of one of the best films of the dream duet Astaire / Rogers. "

" As expected with a Astaire movie, there are many music and dance scenes - too many, unfortunately, because the story would have worn a comedy without any problems. On the other hand, there is the final quarter of an hour almost entirely of a large number Revue. That may be quite interesting for Astaire and dance friends, the rest of the audience, waiting for the " resolution " rather bored likely looking to the side. "


The film won an Oscar in the Best Original Song category for the first time offered for the song The Continental Con Conrad and Herb Magidson. He also was nominated in four other categories: Best Film, Best Art Direction, Best Music and Best Sound.