Pandro S. Berman

Pandro Samuel Berman ( born March 28, 1905 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, † 13 July 1996, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California ) was an American film producer.


His father was one of the managers of Universal Pictures, and so Pandro S. Berman grew up with direct contact to the film business. He made his first steps as an assistant director in mid -1920s. Later he worked as an editor at FBO until he finally began in the early 1930s to produce films. Until 1940 he worked for RKO Pictures, but then moved to MGM. From 1963 he worked as an independent producer.

From 1960 until her death he was married to the producer Kathryn Hereford.

His brother Henry Berman worked as an editor in the film business in 1967 and won an Oscar for Grand Prix.

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