The Lateness of the Hour (album)

The Lateness of the Hour is the debut album of British singer-songwriter Alex Clare. It was first published July 8, 2011 as a download, and three days later as a CD. So far, three singles were released from this album, Up All Night as the first, Treading Water as the third and Too Close as the second. This has been used by Internet Explorer 9 as a promotional song, making the song became known to a wider audience, reaching number one on the charts in Germany and elsewhere.

Track list


The album was previously calculated by Metacritic, an average rating of 58 out of 100 A selection of positive, mixed and negative rating:

"There 's a great and more Conventional singer / songwriter album waiting to get out here, but The Lateness of the Hour Appears to be more Concerned with creating a bold statement of intent than in showcasing Clare's undeniable talents. "

" Lateness never does much to prove Clare and his producers were on the same page (let alone reading from the same book). "

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