The Spencer Davis Group

The Spencer Davis Group was established in 1963 in Birmingham ( England) Spencer Davis (guitar and vocals ), Steve Winwood (organ, piano and vocals), Muff Winwood ( born June 5, 1943 in Birmingham, bass) founded and Pete York ( drums). Your first appearances they had in the Golden Eagle Pub. Later they came regularly at the Marquee Club in London.

The first single, the group was a cover version of John Lee Hooker's Dimples. Their second single I Can not Stand It, originally performed by the Soul Sisters, managed already in the charts. The first big hit of the Spencer Davis Group Keep on Running was, as number one in the UK as afterwards Somebody Help Me More hits followed with When I Come Home, Gimme Some Lovin and I'm a Man. In the years 1965 and 1966 published three successful albums of the Spencer Davis Group. Significant Features of the band was the throaty, trained to Ray Charles soul voice of Steve Winwood by which the songs of the Spencer Davis Group received their specific note. This manifests itself very clearly on the brilliant cover version of the Ray Charles classic Georgia on My Mind. Early in 1967 appeared in Germany the single Det was in Schöneberg on Fontana.

Steve Winwood left the group in 1967 and formed his own group traffic in order to realize his musical ideas and solo leadership claims better. After the departure of their frontman, the success of the Spencer Davis Group declined markedly. After several line-up changes, the band broke up. 1973 there was a brief reunion, but without Spencer Davis and Steve Winwood.

Several years ago, the Spencer Davis Group had the following musicians regularly on tour: Spencer Davis (guitar and vocals), Eddie Hardin (keyboards and vocals), Colin Hodgkinson (bass and vocals), Miller Anderson (guitar and vocals ) and Steff porcelain ( drums).

Currently (2010) the group exists in two occupations, SDG SDG USAand Europe, whose only common member Spencer Davis.