The Story of Alexander Graham Bell

. Love and life of the phone maker A. Bell is an American biopic from 1939 The film, created on a story by Ray Harris and produced by 20th Century Fox, tells the life story of British teacher and inventor Alexander Graham Bell ( 1847 - 1922).


In 1873 the young speech therapist Alexander Graham Bell experimented in Boston with the visualization of the language so that his students can learn to communicate. His project result, he developed the telegraph. Thomas Sanders, the father of one of his students, the teacher makes the Gardiner Greene Hubbard businessman known. Sanders wants to ensure that Bell's invention is financed.

Bell falls in love with Hubbard's deaf daughter Mabel. Since, however, fails to provide financial support, he can not ask for her hand. However, Mabel supported him energetically. Nonetheless, Bell is not in a position to continue working on his new invention, the telephone, as it must seek employment in order to provide themselves and Mabel can. But Mabel insists that he still experiments.

Despite the plight Bell and his assistant Thomas A. Watson working hard in the invention. In fact, they made ​​a breakthrough, the phone works. Bell founded the " New England Bell Company", which is subsidized by Sanders and Hubbard. Bell married Mabel and travels with her to England to demonstrate his invention of Queen Victoria. The queen can install a telephone system at Buckingham Palace.

Bell all financial hardships believes himself unmarried, but soon it becomes known that the Western Union telephone systems installed despite Bell's patent. Immediately the young couple travels back to the U.S.. Bell wants to sue the "Western Union" for infringement of patent law. During the trial, Mabel can prove that her husband has developed the first telephone. The "Western Union" loses the case and Bell offers a partnership.


The lexicon of the International film describes the film as " staged koventionell. "

Wrote Frank S. Nugent of the New York Times, one could consider the film as a sober and lobenswerteren historical dramas of the studio.


The premiere of the film was celebrated on April 1, 1939 in New York. A preview was already on 29 March at the World Exposition in San Francisco. In Germany the film was released on July 29, 1979 as part of a television premiere of the station ZDF.

In smaller supporting roles Polly Ann Young, Georgiana Young and Sally Blane are seen playing the sisters of Mable Hubbard. Even in real life were the three sisters of Performing ring Loretta Young.

Lead actor Don Ameche was so identified with the role of the inventor that " Ameche " was called the phone in many regions. Don Ameches brother Jim Ameche played the same role in the 1957 fantasy film The Story of Mankind by Irwin Allen.

Mrs. Gilbert Grosvenor, the daughter of Alexander Graham Bell, approved the film version of the script.

In the film, the name of Antonio Meucci, who developed the basics of the telephone in 1860 to come, and by Phillip Rice, who in 1861 invented the first functioning telephone and later presented it in Edinburgh in the presence of the Bell family, not before.