The Voice of the Moon

The Voice of the Moon ( Italian: La voce della luna ) of 1990 is the last film of Federico Fellini. The film essay based on motifs from the novel Il poema dei Lunatici (English: Song of the Moon heads) by Ermanno Cavazzoni. The main characters are the Italian comedian Roberto Benigni ( Salvini ) and Paolo Villaggio ( Prefect Gonella ).


The scenes are an unspecified small Italian town and its rural surroundings. The main characters are Ivo Salvini that sweeps through the night and listening to voices that seem to call him from wells and the old "prefect" Gonella, which is a comprehensive conspiracy on the track. More occurring " spinners " are a patient suffering from visions former musician whose instrument has his own business and now housed in a cemetery and the two Micheluzzi brothers who actually ordinary craftsmen, get towards the end of the moon from the sky.


Cavazzoni says to Fellini's film, "Only Fellini could remember to draw from a story a movie that is more than from words of action. "

The lexicon of the International film about the cinema Tip of the Catholic Film review: " impressive in image design, narrative style and use of music, the film stands out with its deeply human man and the respect for nature. "


The Italian premiere took place on 31 January 1990. In Germany the film was released on 31 May 1990 in the cinemas and in Austria Juni 1990. The film is sometimes shown on television and in the German version on VHS, but not released on DVD (January 2012).