Theodor Danegger

Theodor Danegger ( born August 31, 1891 in Lienz, East Tyrol, Austria, Theodor German, † October 11, 1959 in Vienna ) was an Austrian opera singer and actor.

Life and work

Hailing from a family of actors Theodor Danegger was engaged at the Burgtheater in Vienna (1905-1913), the Viennese popular theater on the New Viennese stage at Frankfurt Schauspielhaus and the Munich Chamber games ( 1934-1939 ). Since 1919 he appeared in small supporting roles also in the film, it was more common, however, to be seen there until 1939. Because of its slim, noble appearance, he was occasionally used as a nobleman or businessman, but mostly he embodied servants and other small people.

During the filming of the Eisrevuefilm The White Dream (1943 ) Theodor Danegger was temporarily imprisoned for homosexual acts. After the end of World War II, he soon found new small film roles, first in Austria, and in 1949 increasingly common in West German productions. Danegger died in Vienna in 1959 and was buried at the Central Cemetery in Vienna.

Theodor Danegger is the son of Austrian character actor and director Josef Danegger (1866-1933) and the brother of the actress Mathilde Danegger ( 1903-1988 ).


Until 1945

Postwar films