Thomas Linley the elder

Thomas Linley senior ( born January 17, 1733 in Wells, Somerset, † November 19, 1795 ) was an English musician and stage composer.


Thomas Linley studied organ at the Bath Abbey at Thomas Chilcot and worked in Bath as a music teacher. He played an important role in the musical life Baths, organized among others oratorio concerts.

He had six children, of whom his son Thomas Linley junior was the best known. His children were introduced by him at a young age as a respected musician in the music scene. His daughters Elizabeth Ann (* 1754), Mary ( * 1758) and Mary (* 1763) were noticed at an early adolescence singers and actresses, his son Samuel (* 1760) was a talented oboist, but then went to sea.

His son Thomas Linley junior played violin concertos at the age of seven years and was soon recognized composer.

Many of his children found an early death, his son Thomas died at age 22 in a boating accident, his son Samuel died on board of a fever, and his three daughters were still around in the same year. Thomas Linley senior died, as they say, probably of a broken heart in November 1795.