Tia is the name of:

  • Tia Carrere, American actress, model and singer
  • Tia Hellebaut, Belgian high jumper and multi- fighter
  • Tia ( princess), the daughter of the later ancient Egyptian King (Pharaoh) Seti I.
  • Tia ( Treasury chief ), husband of the princess of the same name, an ancient Egyptian high official under Ramses II
  • Tia Because Oberland rabbis and rabbinical scholar in Baden

Tia is part of the name of:

  • Tia Maria, a liqueur made from rum, coffee and vanilla

As a shortcut TIA stands for:

  • Tirana airport in Albania ( IATA code )
  • Telecommunications Industry Association, an international trade association in the telecommunications and data technology
  • Television Interface Adapter, the central graphic element of the Atari 2600 video game console
  • Thanks in advance, thank you in advance (network jargon )
  • Total Information Awareness, a surveillance program of the U.S. Information Awareness Office
  • Totally Integrated Automation
  • Trans International Airlines, former U.S. airline
  • Transient ischemic attack, a temporary circulatory disorder of the brain
  • Tribhuvan International Airport, see Kathmandu (country abbreviation )
  • Trans- impedance amplifier, current to voltage converter

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