Tina Brown

Christina (Tina ) Hambley Brown CBE ( born November 21, 1953 in Maidenhead ) is a British-American magazine editor and journalist. In particular, their performance in the renovation of the magazine " The New Yorker" has earned her industry recognition.

She is the daughter of film producer George H. Brown and the press agent of the actor Laurence Olivier. During her studies at Oxford, she wrote stage plays. For "Under the Bamboo Tree", she received the 1973 " Sunday Times Drama Award". In the same year she was honored as a young journalist when she wrote, among other things for the Sunday Times and for the satirical magazine Punch.

1979 Tina Brown was appointed editor of Tatler magazine. Within a short time, she managed to quadruple the circulation to 40,000 and 1983 the Tatler in England was voted Magazine of the Year.

SI Newhouse junior she won in 1983 as a consultant to Vanity Fair and made it in 1984 with the Issuer. Again, she managed to multiply the rest in a few years, this time from 200,000 to over 1 million.

In 1992, Tina Brown the offer to take over the management of the New York, on. The prescribed by it breaks with tradition was highly criticized: for the first time in its seventy years of existence led the magazine a table of contents and photographs for the first time rather than have so far been published only drawings in the editorial section. She managed, however, to supply the ailing from a commercial perspective magazine a quarter million new readers to drive without the traditional readership.

In 1998, she left New York to conduct the Talk project under the aegis of the Weinstein brothers. She herself took over the publication of Talk Magazine. The ambitious project was on the path to economic viability, as it was zunichtegemacht by the consequences of the stop of September 11, 2001.

Since then, Tina Brown has worked as a columnist and host of talk shows. By 2005, she hosted her own talk show on CNBC and has written columns among others for the " Washington Post". In the two years from 2005 to 2007 researched and wrote it on the biography of Princess Diana of Wales, who brought the Droemer Publisher mid-June 2007 on the German market.

In 2008 she founded the policy, opinion and entertainment site The Daily Beast. In November 2010 it was announced that The Daily Beast and Newsweek merged. As editor in chief for both editors Tina Brown is provided, which already manages the editorial staff of The Daily Beast.

She lives with her husband Sir Harold Evans and their children in New York.