The abbreviation stands for TJ

  • Tablighi Jamaat, an Islamist organization in Pakistan
  • Tajikistan (country code according to ISO 3166 )
  • TANS Perú, IATA code of the Peruvian airline
  • Terajoule, 1 trillion Joules, unit of energy
  • Theory jockey, in scientific jargon an intellectual who served at set pieces different philosophical schools in a similar way as does a DJ with music pieces
  • Tight junctions, narrow strips of membrane proteins that surround the epithelial cells of vertebrates
  • Tijuana, a city in northwestern Mexico in the state of Baja California
  • Trevor Junior, a male first name
  • Turbojugend, a fan club of the Norwegian band Turbonegro
  • Puerto Rico to the ICAO code

TJ as distinguishing signs on license plate:

Tj stands for:

  • The top -level domain of Tajikistan, see. tj
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