Tijuana on the map of Mexico

Tijuana is a city in northwestern Mexico in the state of Baja California. The population in 2007 amounted to an estimated number of about 1,490,000 people. The city, which lies a few kilometers south of the U.S. San Diego, is an important destination for tourists from the United States.


The city is located directly on the border with the United States. The corresponding checkpoint San Ysidro is crossed by 40 million people a year and 14 million vehicles. Because of the many commuters the border crossing is often congested, especially in the USA. Another border crossing is located in Otay. After Mexico irregular, based on a traffic signal controls will be done. In the 1980s, a tram network was built up to the limit, so you can easily reach Tijuana from San Diego. Many American tourists leave their cars on the American side and walk to the city, because you need a Mexican insurance when driving a car; the U.S. is invalid.

Tijuana General Abelardo L. Rodriguez International Airport International Airport is served by airlines Mexicana de Aviación, Avolar, Aeromexico, Aero California, and more recently from the Ryanair subsidiary Viva Aerobus. The airport is known for the spectacular flight maneuvers, which makes necessary when landing to a flying fence. This fence separating Tijuana from San Diego and Illegal Immigrants to hold back in the United States.

Economy, growth

The border town is sometimes referred to as a mixture of good and bad sides of Mexico. On the one hand known for historic sites, legendary bullfighting arenas and beaches Tijuana on the other hand also notorious as Mexico's largest center for illegal drugs and prostitution. Tijuana is known particularly among college students, because in Mexico the age limit for the consumption of alcohol is lower than in the USA. For decades, Tijuana is also popular among sailors of the U.S. Navy, which has large bases in San Diego. Today, the Navy sought to better control the behavior of their soldiers, and certain bars and nightclubs are prohibited sailors. Most people from San Diego to visit Tijuana, however, to get cheaper medical treatment and medicines. Popular are as typical Mexican souvenirs such as sombreros and tequila. The " Grand Hotel Tijuana " is one with a height of 89.9 meters the tallest buildings in the city.

The amorphous -looking border town is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Mexico. In recent decades, hundreds of thousands of workers were recruited who have found work in the set up of mostly U.S. companies, production of light industry, electronics and textile industry. The city is not able to develop the necessary in the new living and work areas infrastructure in a timely manner. About 2000 people live in the burrows on the banks of the city by pulling the dry river bed. Many of those living in Tijuana young people dream of being able to emigrate to the USA again.


Tijuana is the city was in the 1994 Luis Donaldo Colosio, presidential candidate of the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI ), was murdered.

Administrative divisions

Tijuana is divided into nine delegations with its own administration:


  • The famous battle between the Tijuana Cartel and the rival Juárez Cartel was founded in 2000 by Hollywood in the movie Traffic - portrays power of the cartel.
  • On the 1957 and 1962 released album recorded Tijuana Moods of the American bassist and composer Charles Mingus processed the impressions of his visit to Tijuana musical.
  • The singer Manu Chao processed the problems of the city in the song " Welcome to Tijuana ".
  • The song " Tijuana Lady " of the band Gomez is part of the soundtrack for the movie "Lost Souls" with Winona Ryder and Ben Chaplin.
  • A native of the town band Tijuana No! dedicates her socially critical texts from various problems in the Mexican and U.S. policy.
  • In the 1920s and 1930s, Tijuana had with the Mexicali Beer Hall allegedly " World's Greatest Bar ".
  • In Tijuana, a large German school (German College Cuauhtemoc Hank )

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