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The TNA Television Championship ( TNA Television Championship to German ) is a wrestling title for individual wrestlers of the U.S. wrestling promotion Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. The title was on 23 October 2008 at TNA iMPACT! TNA Legends Championship as introduced. As in Wrestling common practice the allocated according to a predetermined storyline.


The title was introduced during a feud between the young talent ( the TNA Frontline ) and older veterans of Wrestling ( Main Event Mafia ) by TNA Wrestling. Booker T had in the weeks of the feud always a steel suitcase with him. In TNA iMPACT! October 23, 2008 Booker T got the title belt from the steel case and introduced him as " TNA Legends Championship". Subsequently, he declared himself the first champion. He continued that the title belonged to him and he needed only to defend him if he wants it. On 15 March 2009 he defeated AJ Styles at Destination X the big event to win the title. In the Impact edition of 19 March 2009 AJ Styles was crowned the first TNA Grand Slam Champion, because he the World Heavyweight Championship, the TNA World Tag Team Championship, TNA X Division Championship could well win the Legends Championship. Immediately, Jim Cornette that the title is now officially controlled by TNA title was due to the previously concluded contract between Bookter T and AJ Styles. In the Impact edition of 29 October 2009, the reigning champion Eric Young renamed the title to " TNA Global Championship" to and announced that he would defend the title either on U.S. soil or against an American professional wrestler. Shortly after the renaming of TNA Wrestling has been recognized. Comparable titles are the WCW TV Championship and the WWF European Championship, the latter was even originally awarded for similar specifications. On 29 July 2010, the title in TNA Television Championship was renamed.

Current title holder

The reigning TNA Television Champion Abyss in his second reign. He defeated Devon in a match on 2 June 2013 at the Slammiversary XI.

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